Thursday, 17 February 2011

Suite 301 Experience: Chrissy Chroi in bed with Spoonface!

Chrissy came down just as me and Jaz had finished in bed.

After just about hearing a knock, I opened the door of Suite 301 to a very reserved, unassuming Asian woman wondering who she was. I initially thought she was working for the hotel and came to ask me to keep the noise down.

"Hi I'm Chrissy"

then out came a 'Mary-Poppins-type' ruck sack with an endless amount of colour strings, heels and silky dresses.

Chrissy was ready to rock!

The great thing about Shootin' Chrissy is nothing (within reason of course) is too much to ask.
We tried so many poses, props and possibilities. Looking forward to working with her again and again!


We're deep into the shoot and I'm asking questions about likes and previous shoots.
She's a busy bee. Done stuff with production out-fit 'Suicide Girls', works part-time, plays bass and also books gigs for bands. Then she drops the bomb about wanting to do "a gory vampire slut shoot".

I look at her thinking I heard wrong and as she repeats it, I realise she's serious as her face lights up forcing me to get back behind the camera and snap the pose before it goes.

It's always the quiet ones!

More to come from Chrissy in Suite 301...

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