Monday, 21 February 2011

Suite 301 Experience: Chrissy Chroi in the shower

I have to admit that there are two Suite 301 setups I'm liking alot so far.  'baby oil in the dark' and 'the shower'.

I've found it's the scene where the models seem to be the most comfortable.
It can be tempting to step in with them but getting my camera wet probably isn't a good idea.
(Need some waterproof housing for it then who knows..)

I love the transition, from dry to soaking.  The initial caution to complete acceptance of the showers rain.  Water bouncing off wet bodies caught in a moment.  Standing, kneeling, bending, contorting in the small space.

Faces become more active.  Eyes closed, squinting, squeezed foreheads, blowing cheeks, smiles, expressions of relief from the soothing warmness of the water, pursed lips from holding breath, nostrils twitch to sprays of condensation in the steamy enclosure.  So much to capture.

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