Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Last night.. Gemma Massey, 'togs' and 'di gyal dem inna' fancy frocks!

Ended up at a private casting last night featuring a few models including guest judge, Uk glamour princess, Gemma Massey.

James, from the 'just shoot' meet-up group, put together the event hosted at members club Hey Jo in Piccadilly (London, Uk).

I was greeted by fellow 'tog' Ted and lead down into a basement through a restaurant where a handful of photographers waited hungrily for the 'talent' to arrive.
Priming their tools, camera's at the ready, you could almost hear the bubble and pop of the froth at the mouths of the snarling snappers.

For a minute it was a little seedy, with the harem-like surroundings, drenched in latin-house soundscape, neon and perfume tingling my nose.
I could easily have been strolling the red-lights of Amsterdam for a moment but that's where the comparison ended. I had to focus on the job at hand, models were strolling in and James, our Master of Ceremonies, had now introduced our guest judges and things were about to kick off.

Suddenly, as if by magic, a rope border appeared between the models as paparazzi style flashes flooded the space. Each model shared some info about themselves before a quick swirl around the room to huddle in a corner with the rest of the glam'd up bunch.

I'm more into the 'arty-ness', where possible, so to avoid the wunna-be celebrity bollox, found it much more fun sneaking angles and random compositions in and around the action. I was trying to catch the off moments and snatch shots in the quiet parts of the room with the models that were up for it.
Everyone was very approachable and friendly, especially Gemma and her agent which was great.

Marie was one of those up for getting stuck in to my madness. We found a spot tucked away from the crowd and nestled into the velvet surroundings.  I slipped her an exclusive peak at the limited edition Suite 301 book and snappled as she worked her way through it.  Much to my delight she was smiling hard and seemed to enjoy it big stylee which means a potential visit to suite 301 may need to be arranged.

Gemma Massey was equally impressed as we discussed a possible link up (watch this space).

All of these outings, random shoots and connections are aiding my growth as a photographer and I'm lovin' it, I mean.. goodness me it's such hard work...
Real talk, it does take a while to get through all the images.  Chuck 'em on your hardrive, delete the blurry ones (unless they look hot) and fiddle with some post effects.
Hours drift by as I sift, shape and sort the images, but for me that's part of the fun!
Help's me unwind as some sweet, suite music unravels in the background.

I guess I feel blessed to be able to enjoy a hobby taking photo's of women I like, develop my creative side and keep things fun and sociable at the same time.
Suite 301 is my place I disappear to for escape from the rat-race, no pressure, fun times and smiles.
It is then an added bonus to find women that wish they were in 'that photo' and guys that wish they took it.  Appreciate the feedback from the sharing!  Will post a few more in the private fb group!

Where to next? Hmmmm?

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