Friday, 27 May 2011

Wicked Innah Bed - Love, Lights, Camera Action!

During my teenaged years (like most) there came an exploration of self and especially in the sexy-time department.

I remember during the 90's when Denzel Washington and Wesley Snipes (esepcially Wesley) were leading the way with the 'real lookin' love scenes in movies.

For me it was all about that 'Jungle Fever' scene where Annabella Sciorra got well and truly 'Snipe-d'. Actually it was more than that, it was sensual, passionate stuff that since then I've wanted to recreate myself.

I'm a Big Handsome Man, often disappointed by the portrayal of big guys in the media.

Clowns, comcic relief, but never usually sexy (Since Barry White and even then it was overly syrupy).

 Time to change that.

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