Sunday, 9 October 2011

Thanks for all the requests for Physical Prints!

After several emails and other requests via facebook
We now have an ebay store up and running for physical prints.

It makes such a difference being able to buy signed exclusive prints as a gift or for a personal collection.

This is still a fresh new venture for me and very exciting.

Of course I'm enjoying the meet, greet and munches with fab models.
Not Just the time spent snapping them but hearing their stories and learning from their experiences.

I've now also become a model and decided to do more infront of the lens.

Here is one of me with Ely Dean.

And another...

The other side to the fun is all about the exploration.
Of self, of others, of ego, of creative boundaries, of the questions.
Everyday there are more and more questions, mostly from myself...

Why am I doing this? Is this porn? What are the difference's between this and making music? Would you want your children to know? How far should you go? Where do the boundaries lie? Are there any boundaries? Would you make it more commercial? How does it really make you feel?

Probably gonna take a few more posts to answer all of them so I'll take my time and start with

Why am I doing this?

In simple terms, I'm an adult and ready to explore the fusion of creativity and grown up ideas about sensuality. I want to express and challenge eroticised ideas through photography and other media.

I'm not interested in porn. It's too easy to do and it's everywhere.
I like the idea of finding a way to be cheekily-sexy in a sophisticated yet unpretentious way.

I want to reach out to other adults with similar questions and ideas in between the socially acceptable and creatively unique.
I want to keep the blemishes, lines, bumps and wrinkles, play with unorthodox angles, themes and subjects taking my time to shape my own style of fine art photography.


I was watching MTV at about 8am one lazy weekend morning.
Ga Ga was on TV half naked, rocking the full 'porn-star chic' and I thought to myself, daamn, children are being bombarded with overly-sexed-up images more an more these days.
Images they're not emotionally ready for, so (another question) how does that make me feel about what I do?

Quite simply, this is a 'big people ting', even though age doesn't guarantee mental or emotional maturity, I'm aiming my art at adults. Once they hit puberty, the teenaged years, (and any other time it may pop up) I guess we have to be open to their questions and hopefully point them in the right direction. I'm no prude but don't like to see certain music vids on so early when the super young kids could be about (am I getting old.. sheeeet).

Equally I dont believe sex should be 'that-thing-that-we-hide-and-pretend-shouldn't-happen', that's a dangerous thing. We often harp on about underage sex, std and pregnancy statistics, but how much do adults really know?
What does it mean to connect beyond the act of sex itself? How do we tap into the spiritual side of sensuality? Is it possible to feel the answers to those questions through an image? This is what swims around the space between my brain and eyes as I'm searching for the right composition.


The conversations in the private facebook group support and fuel my inspiration.
It could have so easily become a 'pervy paradise' yet instead, in amongst the grown-up banter, there is some very stimulating, thought provoking discussion.

My perception has changed so much about being in the company of a naked woman.
I respect the trust and enjoy the connection. It's natural and liberating.

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