Saturday, 5 November 2011

We Almost Made It...

We Almost Made It
- (c) 2011 Elroy 'Spoonface' Powell
- All Rights Reserved.

It's been one of those weeks where
hours take hours and hours
and minutes take infinities to complete.
I've been looking forward to this suite moment.
Not just to touch or hold and burn bright hot
in the bosom of your clutch, but,
just to be with and around
and share the electricity of us together,
that plugged in, switched off, no words connection.
I can see from the agitate in your face
you dress to start that race through a form of formal
routine process,
out tonight, back before the suns protest
or, you want to stay in.
Undressed under the skies blanket at it's darkest
get lost in shadows shapes and shaman sounds,
entrancing, sticky skin dancing
and I do too but not yet.
I'm ready, I'm dressed,
for you for us to escape the weight of the week.
Let it crumble off our shoulders into dust,
then we can return no shell, just us.
You whispered, you pulled, unfolded.
I resisted your motives.
You made lips and warm gestures knowing I'd notice.
We almost made it out, we almost made it.

We Almost Made It

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