Sunday, 8 April 2012

Amber West

Having setup my own personal shoots and experimentation I wanted to extend it to members of our facebook group.

Initially I wanted to invite models I'd worked with before but circumstances (and a vibrant casting call) lead us to Amber West.

She was punctual, organised and easy to work with.

We arrived at a simple studio apartment in Kingscross. Self contained spot with no fuss.
Took loads of lingerie, implied nude and profile shots.

One of the togs on the day decided to play with the lighting and we all focused on her shoes for a minute.

What a great idea!

I never really understood the shoe fetish thing.. (still dont really), but for some reason I couldn't stop taking pictures of her feet in those shoes. The shadow from the heels, the endless shin.. the poise and presence.. did something.. not sure what it did.. but it did something..


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