Saturday, 5 November 2011

We Almost Made It...

We Almost Made It
- (c) 2011 Elroy 'Spoonface' Powell
- All Rights Reserved.

It's been one of those weeks where
hours take hours and hours
and minutes take infinities to complete.
I've been looking forward to this suite moment.
Not just to touch or hold and burn bright hot
in the bosom of your clutch, but,
just to be with and around
and share the electricity of us together,
that plugged in, switched off, no words connection.
I can see from the agitate in your face
you dress to start that race through a form of formal
routine process,
out tonight, back before the suns protest
or, you want to stay in.
Undressed under the skies blanket at it's darkest
get lost in shadows shapes and shaman sounds,
entrancing, sticky skin dancing
and I do too but not yet.
I'm ready, I'm dressed,
for you for us to escape the weight of the week.
Let it crumble off our shoulders into dust,
then we can return no shell, just us.
You whispered, you pulled, unfolded.
I resisted your motives.
You made lips and warm gestures knowing I'd notice.
We almost made it out, we almost made it.

We Almost Made It

Monday, 31 October 2011

It's official, I'm the sexiest plus size male model in the universe...

Been having so much fun snapping models I decided to get in on the action..

I'm big, I'm handsome and here to share that with the world.
All the plus size dudes out there do your thang, get healthy, stay healthy and be beautiful while you do it.

If you'd like to book me for photo shoots, film features or cameo's
please email

'nuff said ;)

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Thanks for all the requests for Physical Prints!

After several emails and other requests via facebook
We now have an ebay store up and running for physical prints.

It makes such a difference being able to buy signed exclusive prints as a gift or for a personal collection.

This is still a fresh new venture for me and very exciting.

Of course I'm enjoying the meet, greet and munches with fab models.
Not Just the time spent snapping them but hearing their stories and learning from their experiences.

I've now also become a model and decided to do more infront of the lens.

Here is one of me with Ely Dean.

And another...

The other side to the fun is all about the exploration.
Of self, of others, of ego, of creative boundaries, of the questions.
Everyday there are more and more questions, mostly from myself...

Why am I doing this? Is this porn? What are the difference's between this and making music? Would you want your children to know? How far should you go? Where do the boundaries lie? Are there any boundaries? Would you make it more commercial? How does it really make you feel?

Probably gonna take a few more posts to answer all of them so I'll take my time and start with

Why am I doing this?

In simple terms, I'm an adult and ready to explore the fusion of creativity and grown up ideas about sensuality. I want to express and challenge eroticised ideas through photography and other media.

I'm not interested in porn. It's too easy to do and it's everywhere.
I like the idea of finding a way to be cheekily-sexy in a sophisticated yet unpretentious way.

I want to reach out to other adults with similar questions and ideas in between the socially acceptable and creatively unique.
I want to keep the blemishes, lines, bumps and wrinkles, play with unorthodox angles, themes and subjects taking my time to shape my own style of fine art photography.


I was watching MTV at about 8am one lazy weekend morning.
Ga Ga was on TV half naked, rocking the full 'porn-star chic' and I thought to myself, daamn, children are being bombarded with overly-sexed-up images more an more these days.
Images they're not emotionally ready for, so (another question) how does that make me feel about what I do?

Quite simply, this is a 'big people ting', even though age doesn't guarantee mental or emotional maturity, I'm aiming my art at adults. Once they hit puberty, the teenaged years, (and any other time it may pop up) I guess we have to be open to their questions and hopefully point them in the right direction. I'm no prude but don't like to see certain music vids on so early when the super young kids could be about (am I getting old.. sheeeet).

Equally I dont believe sex should be 'that-thing-that-we-hide-and-pretend-shouldn't-happen', that's a dangerous thing. We often harp on about underage sex, std and pregnancy statistics, but how much do adults really know?
What does it mean to connect beyond the act of sex itself? How do we tap into the spiritual side of sensuality? Is it possible to feel the answers to those questions through an image? This is what swims around the space between my brain and eyes as I'm searching for the right composition.


The conversations in the private facebook group support and fuel my inspiration.
It could have so easily become a 'pervy paradise' yet instead, in amongst the grown-up banter, there is some very stimulating, thought provoking discussion.

My perception has changed so much about being in the company of a naked woman.
I respect the trust and enjoy the connection. It's natural and liberating.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Cheers Liz - Get your corset off...

I had my Camera handy and decided to pay a mate from the Suite 301 Facebook group a visit.
We'd been talking for a while about doing a cheeky erotic shoot and tonight was the night.

As usual there wasn't much planning, just a few words exchanged about what to pull out of the knicker draw and we'd see what would unfold from there.

I was looking forward to snapping Liz. Modelling isn't her job at all. The challenge of working to nude with somebody that doesn't model for a living was appealing and turned out to be well worth it.

We were in East London some where up high with a view over the city. Olympic Stadium looking back at us as we prep'd the space. I got offered strawberries and chocolate whilst Liz pulled out a few stockings, corset (she loves Corset's).. oh and baby oil (I love baby oil!).

The walls were a luminous lime colour that added to the quirk and worked well with Liz's magnificent, magenta hair. After pulling the corset laces tight, we were off with our first set of snaps.
We were at it all over the room, lights on, lights off, corset on, corset off, oil on.. then even more oil on.. was alot of fun and some fab shots taken.

For all members of the facebook group I'm offering a free erotic Time For Prints (TFP) shoot.
Choose four of your favourite and I'll get you the full res images to use how you like as long as I can do the same. Get in touch!

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Escape - Me and Miu part 2!!

I had another brain wave and wanted to experiment with a test shoot idea.

Having had such a great time shooting with Mini Miu I decided to invite her back to help out.

I had 5 minutes to work out an idea, shot it in an hour and cut it together in about the same time.

The result is this 2minute piece 'Escape'

feedback and ideas for the next one welcomed.. ;)

Check out more of Miu in this book

Sunday, 5 June 2011

So Suite Featuring Spoonface - Shower

"We had a few hours, two gorgeous women and a hotel suite.

From the start it was pandemonium.

Lights were blowing, we only had one camera, one of the ladies had to leave early to get across town. Oh, and did I mention there was no lift to the suite and when we got there the shower wasn't working.

With all that to deal with it was great knowing we were all pro enough to kick back and just let it happen.

Flame arrived first ready to shoot followed by Ely later on.
They both gave a lending hand in between shots as well as top-notch performance to camera.

I finally got to do a 'love scene' and in the shower. Us big boys can be sexy too.
Hope the intimacy and passion, captured by LJA and Hobby boy, show through."

Check it out and lemmy know.

Available on Junodownload now -

Music Week Feature:

@ itunes and other stores from 13th June 2011

Suite 301 Book:

Special thanks to:
Liam 'LJA' Angell, LJA Productions
and Hobby Boy





Friday, 27 May 2011

Wicked Innah Bed - Love, Lights, Camera Action!

During my teenaged years (like most) there came an exploration of self and especially in the sexy-time department.

I remember during the 90's when Denzel Washington and Wesley Snipes (esepcially Wesley) were leading the way with the 'real lookin' love scenes in movies.

For me it was all about that 'Jungle Fever' scene where Annabella Sciorra got well and truly 'Snipe-d'. Actually it was more than that, it was sensual, passionate stuff that since then I've wanted to recreate myself.

I'm a Big Handsome Man, often disappointed by the portrayal of big guys in the media.

Clowns, comcic relief, but never usually sexy (Since Barry White and even then it was overly syrupy).

 Time to change that.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Flame On

Well I decided to make some music inspired by the beautiful people I've been snapping in suite 301.
One of my fave setups is in the shower and we did just that with 'Flame' one of my most recent guests.

There's more of her to come and what a pleasure it was sharing suite 301 with her.  
As her name suggests she's full of energy, true professional, punctual and ready for anything.
Oh and she love's her food.. up for some Jerk chicken?

Monday, 2 May 2011

I hit the park with 'Mel Air'

About time we had some good weather coincide with a UK bank holiday.
At last London Sun is runnin tings!  If I spoke too soon, I don't care 'cos I've been able to top up my tan and take some snaps outdoors.

It's been a while since I've been blown away by anyone, but Melanie, ( I now call 'Mel Air') has done just that.  Up in the smouldering heat of hills in a lush green park, bouncing, jumping, climbing walls and posing.  This 66 year old model would have put many to shame.  Her strength (inside and out), positive outlook and energy are amazingly inspirational and infectious.  Born with just one lung (she didn't find out until in her 30's), she does martial arts, plays racket ball and hits the gym several times a week.

'Mel Air' is intent on a playboy feature before she reaches 100 (and probably still has the pins to pull it off.)  Aside from that, she's very elegant with a delightful warmth about her and wish her all the best.


Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Who hid the Chocolates?

I've been crafting some music to go with my experiences in Suite 301 as well as searching for new models to work with.. It is real hard to find ebony chocolate flava's so any assistance welcomed.. I like vanilla, caramel and even a little orange from time to time.. but a little chocolate would be nice right now.. lol

Danielle Evens - Winner Top Model Cycle 6

ssssh... secret link to some suite, sweet music

Get in touch with ideas or if you're a model and would like to organise a shoot.

Model Mayhem

Pure Storm - more images

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Kayla was alot of fun!

The weekend and few days after were so beautifully blue and sunny..

So much so that me and my trusty bridge camera were twitching for some action.
I made some calls, checked out a few profiles on model sites and couldn't find anyone around to get nude in the park today.

Just as well as the weather decided to mess about and get grey.. so how brilliant was it to find Kayla up for a visit from me to throw some shapes in front of.

A busy 21 year old with tons of experience from over 400 shoots of varying levels, styles and world locations.

Can't wait to go through all the images properly and sift out the goodens..

Was alot of fun!

Check out more of her here

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Last night.. Gemma Massey, 'togs' and 'di gyal dem inna' fancy frocks!

Ended up at a private casting last night featuring a few models including guest judge, Uk glamour princess, Gemma Massey.

James, from the 'just shoot' meet-up group, put together the event hosted at members club Hey Jo in Piccadilly (London, Uk).

I was greeted by fellow 'tog' Ted and lead down into a basement through a restaurant where a handful of photographers waited hungrily for the 'talent' to arrive.
Priming their tools, camera's at the ready, you could almost hear the bubble and pop of the froth at the mouths of the snarling snappers.

For a minute it was a little seedy, with the harem-like surroundings, drenched in latin-house soundscape, neon and perfume tingling my nose.
I could easily have been strolling the red-lights of Amsterdam for a moment but that's where the comparison ended. I had to focus on the job at hand, models were strolling in and James, our Master of Ceremonies, had now introduced our guest judges and things were about to kick off.

Suddenly, as if by magic, a rope border appeared between the models as paparazzi style flashes flooded the space. Each model shared some info about themselves before a quick swirl around the room to huddle in a corner with the rest of the glam'd up bunch.

I'm more into the 'arty-ness', where possible, so to avoid the wunna-be celebrity bollox, found it much more fun sneaking angles and random compositions in and around the action. I was trying to catch the off moments and snatch shots in the quiet parts of the room with the models that were up for it.
Everyone was very approachable and friendly, especially Gemma and her agent which was great.

Marie was one of those up for getting stuck in to my madness. We found a spot tucked away from the crowd and nestled into the velvet surroundings.  I slipped her an exclusive peak at the limited edition Suite 301 book and snappled as she worked her way through it.  Much to my delight she was smiling hard and seemed to enjoy it big stylee which means a potential visit to suite 301 may need to be arranged.

Gemma Massey was equally impressed as we discussed a possible link up (watch this space).

All of these outings, random shoots and connections are aiding my growth as a photographer and I'm lovin' it, I mean.. goodness me it's such hard work...
Real talk, it does take a while to get through all the images.  Chuck 'em on your hardrive, delete the blurry ones (unless they look hot) and fiddle with some post effects.
Hours drift by as I sift, shape and sort the images, but for me that's part of the fun!
Help's me unwind as some sweet, suite music unravels in the background.

I guess I feel blessed to be able to enjoy a hobby taking photo's of women I like, develop my creative side and keep things fun and sociable at the same time.
Suite 301 is my place I disappear to for escape from the rat-race, no pressure, fun times and smiles.
It is then an added bonus to find women that wish they were in 'that photo' and guys that wish they took it.  Appreciate the feedback from the sharing!  Will post a few more in the private fb group!

Where to next? Hmmmm?

Friday, 11 March 2011

Suite 301 Experience: Mini Miu in the Shower

Miu was great to snap in the shower as she seemed so at home in the water.
It may sound silly, but I noticed some models don't like to get their hair wet,
even if there is a dryer and tons of hotel towels handy.
No such issues with Miu, even with stinging eyes and running mascara.

I could spend all day hanging with Miu, snapping, talking in between poses,
munching snacks and generally having a fun time.
Definitely gonna have to do it all again some time, sooner than otherwise!

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Suite 301 Experience: Mini Miu in Bed with Spoonface

This shoot was a massive learning curve. I really started to get to grips with focal length and angles on a more concious level. Some days it seems things frame up well no matter where you point the camera. Today I made a real effort to hover and roll about Miu in order to get the shots I wanted. In a nice petite package and very supple, this made things easy.

Such a relaxed energy

Miu's maturity, smile and conversation made sharing Suite 301 a delightful experience. So comfortable with nudity you almost forget she is naked.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Jaz Jones in the shower made highest viewed mature content on metacafe

Jaz Jones has made a serious impression on many as her video picked up over 10,000 hits in a few hours. This lead her Suite 301 shower vid to become the highest viewed new comer in the week it was launched on metacafe.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Suite 301 Experience: Mini Miu says hi

Miu arrived early with a wide smile and a cheeky sparkle in her eye.
Having grown up in Japan and now mostly in Holland, getting the chance to snap
a few pics with her during her short time in London was very special.

Once I'd seen some of her uber erotic poses and art nude compositions there was no way I could let
the opportunity slip by.  Some great photo's available as prints, posters and more Buy Prints Here.

Model Mayhem Profile


Search for japanese erotism
Shunga: Japanese Erotic Art (Traditional Patterns)
Japanese Erotism

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Mini Miu & Amy Latina

Mini Miu


Amy Latina

I'm having fun right now sifting through photo's and video footage from our latest guests to Suite 301.
Will be with you soon.  In the meantime come by the private facebook group or add us on twitter for a chat.  (links on the side)

Monday, 21 February 2011

Suite 301 Experience: Chrissy Chroi in the shower

I have to admit that there are two Suite 301 setups I'm liking alot so far.  'baby oil in the dark' and 'the shower'.

I've found it's the scene where the models seem to be the most comfortable.
It can be tempting to step in with them but getting my camera wet probably isn't a good idea.
(Need some waterproof housing for it then who knows..)

I love the transition, from dry to soaking.  The initial caution to complete acceptance of the showers rain.  Water bouncing off wet bodies caught in a moment.  Standing, kneeling, bending, contorting in the small space.

Faces become more active.  Eyes closed, squinting, squeezed foreheads, blowing cheeks, smiles, expressions of relief from the soothing warmness of the water, pursed lips from holding breath, nostrils twitch to sprays of condensation in the steamy enclosure.  So much to capture.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Suite 301 Experience: Chrissy Chroi Unzips

Bedtime Erotica for Men
Sexual Exploits of a Nympho I

Chrissy was so comfortable being naked!
No hangups with her body (and if she had any, I was non the wiser).

There's nothing more attractive than a confident woman in my opinion.
One that owns her world and is open to sharing it with you in a non-judgmental and honest way.

Later on, during the shower poses, she shared her love for nude photography as well as the 'gory stuff'.
Real edge under that humble demeanor.  This made it so easy to work with her.

I've found it amazingly difficult to work with models worried about you seeing their 'couch' during poses.  If we've agreed not to release photo's of the 'pum pum' then that's the deal.

The main thing for me is being able to get that shot framed up right and if worried about the 'kitty kat' slipping out that can sometimes hinder the process and mess with the vibe.

No such problems here with Chrissy.
Out came the zips and we were able to push to the boundaries of where 'glamour' and 'erotica' get blurry.  I had to be asking her to cover up the 'nips' and 'bits' at times which I know my mates would find funny ('cos they know I like the female form in all its glory).

These Suite 301 sessions continue to be an educational journey as well as loads of fun.
It's art so completely subjective and open to personal interpretation.

When does 'glamour' become 'erotica' become 'porn'?
It's easy in my opinion to figure out the hardcore stuff as alot of the time there's intercourse or insertions of some kind.  We're not making that kind of stuff (yet.. lol) and it should all be safe for non-pornographic video hosting sites.  What do do like to see?  Where do your boundaries lie?

I'm looking forward to getting Chrissy back in Suite 301 with more props and poses in mind.
Check her out in the shower and leave some comments too.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Suite 301 Experience: Chrissy Chroi in bed with Spoonface!

Chrissy came down just as me and Jaz had finished in bed.

After just about hearing a knock, I opened the door of Suite 301 to a very reserved, unassuming Asian woman wondering who she was. I initially thought she was working for the hotel and came to ask me to keep the noise down.

"Hi I'm Chrissy"

then out came a 'Mary-Poppins-type' ruck sack with an endless amount of colour strings, heels and silky dresses.

Chrissy was ready to rock!

The great thing about Shootin' Chrissy is nothing (within reason of course) is too much to ask.
We tried so many poses, props and possibilities. Looking forward to working with her again and again!


We're deep into the shoot and I'm asking questions about likes and previous shoots.
She's a busy bee. Done stuff with production out-fit 'Suicide Girls', works part-time, plays bass and also books gigs for bands. Then she drops the bomb about wanting to do "a gory vampire slut shoot".

I look at her thinking I heard wrong and as she repeats it, I realise she's serious as her face lights up forcing me to get back behind the camera and snap the pose before it goes.

It's always the quiet ones!

More to come from Chrissy in Suite 301...