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Have you ever wanted to have simple, sexy professional photo's taken, yet not have anyone else see them but you or that special somebody?

1.  Discreet Suite

- 2 hour shoot in a professional studio

- Bring your own props, outfits, make up and be as raunchy as you like.

- Transfer all the images to your laptop/usb key at the end of the shoot and we will delete our copy,
in your presence, so you are the only one with these images.


- If you would like some simple professional retouches on images
this is £25 per image and we then delete all photo's once you have the final retouched image.

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Get in touch if you would like to advertise:

1. During a Suite 301 Shoot

2. Have a logo or link on videos or other artwork

3. Banner or similar placement on our website home page

4. Share your info with our social networking spots and mailing-list

Not all sponsors are accepted yet we are open to your ideas.

Email to arrange.