Sunday, 27 February 2011

Suite 301 Experience: Mini Miu says hi

Miu arrived early with a wide smile and a cheeky sparkle in her eye.
Having grown up in Japan and now mostly in Holland, getting the chance to snap
a few pics with her during her short time in London was very special.

Once I'd seen some of her uber erotic poses and art nude compositions there was no way I could let
the opportunity slip by.  Some great photo's available as prints, posters and more Buy Prints Here.

Model Mayhem Profile


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Shunga: Japanese Erotic Art (Traditional Patterns)
Japanese Erotism

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Mini Miu & Amy Latina

Mini Miu


Amy Latina

I'm having fun right now sifting through photo's and video footage from our latest guests to Suite 301.
Will be with you soon.  In the meantime come by the private facebook group or add us on twitter for a chat.  (links on the side)

Monday, 21 February 2011

Suite 301 Experience: Chrissy Chroi in the shower

I have to admit that there are two Suite 301 setups I'm liking alot so far.  'baby oil in the dark' and 'the shower'.

I've found it's the scene where the models seem to be the most comfortable.
It can be tempting to step in with them but getting my camera wet probably isn't a good idea.
(Need some waterproof housing for it then who knows..)

I love the transition, from dry to soaking.  The initial caution to complete acceptance of the showers rain.  Water bouncing off wet bodies caught in a moment.  Standing, kneeling, bending, contorting in the small space.

Faces become more active.  Eyes closed, squinting, squeezed foreheads, blowing cheeks, smiles, expressions of relief from the soothing warmness of the water, pursed lips from holding breath, nostrils twitch to sprays of condensation in the steamy enclosure.  So much to capture.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Suite 301 Experience: Chrissy Chroi Unzips

Bedtime Erotica for Men
Sexual Exploits of a Nympho I

Chrissy was so comfortable being naked!
No hangups with her body (and if she had any, I was non the wiser).

There's nothing more attractive than a confident woman in my opinion.
One that owns her world and is open to sharing it with you in a non-judgmental and honest way.

Later on, during the shower poses, she shared her love for nude photography as well as the 'gory stuff'.
Real edge under that humble demeanor.  This made it so easy to work with her.

I've found it amazingly difficult to work with models worried about you seeing their 'couch' during poses.  If we've agreed not to release photo's of the 'pum pum' then that's the deal.

The main thing for me is being able to get that shot framed up right and if worried about the 'kitty kat' slipping out that can sometimes hinder the process and mess with the vibe.

No such problems here with Chrissy.
Out came the zips and we were able to push to the boundaries of where 'glamour' and 'erotica' get blurry.  I had to be asking her to cover up the 'nips' and 'bits' at times which I know my mates would find funny ('cos they know I like the female form in all its glory).

These Suite 301 sessions continue to be an educational journey as well as loads of fun.
It's art so completely subjective and open to personal interpretation.

When does 'glamour' become 'erotica' become 'porn'?
It's easy in my opinion to figure out the hardcore stuff as alot of the time there's intercourse or insertions of some kind.  We're not making that kind of stuff (yet.. lol) and it should all be safe for non-pornographic video hosting sites.  What do do like to see?  Where do your boundaries lie?

I'm looking forward to getting Chrissy back in Suite 301 with more props and poses in mind.
Check her out in the shower and leave some comments too.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Suite 301 Experience: Chrissy Chroi in bed with Spoonface!

Chrissy came down just as me and Jaz had finished in bed.

After just about hearing a knock, I opened the door of Suite 301 to a very reserved, unassuming Asian woman wondering who she was. I initially thought she was working for the hotel and came to ask me to keep the noise down.

"Hi I'm Chrissy"

then out came a 'Mary-Poppins-type' ruck sack with an endless amount of colour strings, heels and silky dresses.

Chrissy was ready to rock!

The great thing about Shootin' Chrissy is nothing (within reason of course) is too much to ask.
We tried so many poses, props and possibilities. Looking forward to working with her again and again!


We're deep into the shoot and I'm asking questions about likes and previous shoots.
She's a busy bee. Done stuff with production out-fit 'Suicide Girls', works part-time, plays bass and also books gigs for bands. Then she drops the bomb about wanting to do "a gory vampire slut shoot".

I look at her thinking I heard wrong and as she repeats it, I realise she's serious as her face lights up forcing me to get back behind the camera and snap the pose before it goes.

It's always the quiet ones!

More to come from Chrissy in Suite 301...

Suite 301 Experience: Jaz Jones in the shower

So we went from the bedroom to the shower.
Things really started to steam up as the shower sprayed the light umbrella.

It seemed like a good idea at the time until I tried to squeeze my 6ft, 20 stone frame into the petite bathroom with lights and a camera.

Jaz was a true professional remaining calm and composed even as she almost got her hair 'too wet' setting the guage to the right temperature.

What was always clear to me was how much Jaz enjoyed being a model. It was at her leisure and added to the air of independence she carried with her.

We got some nice shots in the end and was deffo a real pleasure spending time in room 301 with Jaz.

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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Suite 301 Experience: Jaz Jones in bed with Spoonface!

Jaz was great fun to share room 301 with.

She came with tons of undies and other outfits to change into and a nice bubbly
personality to match.

I asked her about what she'd been doing in Wales and she was quick to share her Law degree exploits. 'Modeling to get through college?' I said in jest.

So much more than a pretty face indeed!

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