Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Who hid the Chocolates?

I've been crafting some music to go with my experiences in Suite 301 as well as searching for new models to work with.. It is real hard to find ebony chocolate flava's so any assistance welcomed.. I like vanilla, caramel and even a little orange from time to time.. but a little chocolate would be nice right now.. lol

Danielle Evens - Winner Top Model Cycle 6

ssssh... secret link to some suite, sweet music

Get in touch with ideas or if you're a model and would like to organise a shoot.

Model Mayhem

Pure Storm - more images

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Kayla was alot of fun!

The weekend and few days after were so beautifully blue and sunny..

So much so that me and my trusty bridge camera were twitching for some action.
I made some calls, checked out a few profiles on model sites and couldn't find anyone around to get nude in the park today.

Just as well as the weather decided to mess about and get grey.. so how brilliant was it to find Kayla up for a visit from me to throw some shapes in front of.

A busy 21 year old with tons of experience from over 400 shoots of varying levels, styles and world locations.

Can't wait to go through all the images properly and sift out the goodens..

Was alot of fun!

Check out more of her here