Friday, 27 May 2011

Wicked Innah Bed - Love, Lights, Camera Action!

During my teenaged years (like most) there came an exploration of self and especially in the sexy-time department.

I remember during the 90's when Denzel Washington and Wesley Snipes (esepcially Wesley) were leading the way with the 'real lookin' love scenes in movies.

For me it was all about that 'Jungle Fever' scene where Annabella Sciorra got well and truly 'Snipe-d'. Actually it was more than that, it was sensual, passionate stuff that since then I've wanted to recreate myself.

I'm a Big Handsome Man, often disappointed by the portrayal of big guys in the media.

Clowns, comcic relief, but never usually sexy (Since Barry White and even then it was overly syrupy).

 Time to change that.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Flame On

Well I decided to make some music inspired by the beautiful people I've been snapping in suite 301.
One of my fave setups is in the shower and we did just that with 'Flame' one of my most recent guests.

There's more of her to come and what a pleasure it was sharing suite 301 with her.  
As her name suggests she's full of energy, true professional, punctual and ready for anything.
Oh and she love's her food.. up for some Jerk chicken?

Monday, 2 May 2011

I hit the park with 'Mel Air'

About time we had some good weather coincide with a UK bank holiday.
At last London Sun is runnin tings!  If I spoke too soon, I don't care 'cos I've been able to top up my tan and take some snaps outdoors.

It's been a while since I've been blown away by anyone, but Melanie, ( I now call 'Mel Air') has done just that.  Up in the smouldering heat of hills in a lush green park, bouncing, jumping, climbing walls and posing.  This 66 year old model would have put many to shame.  Her strength (inside and out), positive outlook and energy are amazingly inspirational and infectious.  Born with just one lung (she didn't find out until in her 30's), she does martial arts, plays racket ball and hits the gym several times a week.

'Mel Air' is intent on a playboy feature before she reaches 100 (and probably still has the pins to pull it off.)  Aside from that, she's very elegant with a delightful warmth about her and wish her all the best.