Sunday, 5 June 2011

So Suite Featuring Spoonface - Shower

"We had a few hours, two gorgeous women and a hotel suite.

From the start it was pandemonium.

Lights were blowing, we only had one camera, one of the ladies had to leave early to get across town. Oh, and did I mention there was no lift to the suite and when we got there the shower wasn't working.

With all that to deal with it was great knowing we were all pro enough to kick back and just let it happen.

Flame arrived first ready to shoot followed by Ely later on.
They both gave a lending hand in between shots as well as top-notch performance to camera.

I finally got to do a 'love scene' and in the shower. Us big boys can be sexy too.
Hope the intimacy and passion, captured by LJA and Hobby boy, show through."

Check it out and lemmy know.

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Special thanks to:
Liam 'LJA' Angell, LJA Productions
and Hobby Boy