Friday, 26 August 2011

Cheers Liz - Get your corset off...

I had my Camera handy and decided to pay a mate from the Suite 301 Facebook group a visit.
We'd been talking for a while about doing a cheeky erotic shoot and tonight was the night.

As usual there wasn't much planning, just a few words exchanged about what to pull out of the knicker draw and we'd see what would unfold from there.

I was looking forward to snapping Liz. Modelling isn't her job at all. The challenge of working to nude with somebody that doesn't model for a living was appealing and turned out to be well worth it.

We were in East London some where up high with a view over the city. Olympic Stadium looking back at us as we prep'd the space. I got offered strawberries and chocolate whilst Liz pulled out a few stockings, corset (she loves Corset's).. oh and baby oil (I love baby oil!).

The walls were a luminous lime colour that added to the quirk and worked well with Liz's magnificent, magenta hair. After pulling the corset laces tight, we were off with our first set of snaps.
We were at it all over the room, lights on, lights off, corset on, corset off, oil on.. then even more oil on.. was alot of fun and some fab shots taken.

For all members of the facebook group I'm offering a free erotic Time For Prints (TFP) shoot.
Choose four of your favourite and I'll get you the full res images to use how you like as long as I can do the same. Get in touch!