Thursday, 9 August 2012


Pauses in the flow of traffic gave me time to conjure ideas in my mind about how this afternoon would pan out.  We had met before after speaking online for a while and I honestly didn't have a clue how it would work.

I'd seen some images on a saucy website yet in person, fully clothed over a pot of mint tea taking about the day job, I wasn't getting it.  I tried to undress, and re-dress and find angles over and over for a while.  The traffic lights changed, the road cleared and I let it go.  No point in trying too hard, where's the fun in that!

Was a nice hotel for the price.  Parking easy to find and the surroundings much quieter than I expected.
Bella was in the room waiting.  A few knocks on the heavy set door and I was in greeted with sparkling water a smile and a kitch little space to explore with a blinding shower.

May seem a little morbid but the simplicity of her black dress tickled me and transformed her into a widower, lost and yearning the return of a spark that may have died inside.  I wanted to find and explore that spark which was exactly what we did.

Bella came alive in ways I hadn't been able to perceive and I left feeling I had only scratched the surface.

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Monday, 4 June 2012

I think I'm getting a thing for bbw's

I joined fetlife a while ago to share some of my art and get ideas for shoots.

Setup a thread about shoots with the right people and particularly reached out to beautiful big bodied women.  Most of the women I'd worked with before were on the petite side, thats fine but it was time to explore further.

Out of the blue, Catrina then decided to give me a shout.

Very boyant, fun 'Southern gal' from the States that happened to be in the Uk and into BBW modelling.
We spoke on the phone a lil-bit and decided to try a test shoot.

She drove up with her husband, bag full of corsets, shiny heels and underwear ..

What a great day.

Check out some more of her images here

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Friday, 13 April 2012

Suite Moments Art Expo - Private viewing April 2012


This started as pure escapism.
I remember putting up a status on facebook ages ago, something like :

"apparently sex sells, lets find out"..

Since then I've been amazed at what I've learned from the exploration.  Away from sex and money.
You see beyond bodies, questions form and then the fun begins.

Tired with some of the limitations of the music industry, two years ago I decided to experiment with some erotic art photography and here we are invited to share that journey courtesy of Sh! women's erotic emporium, Unit 4, 253 Portobello Road, London, W11.

This is a big people ting! Arty, adult themes, simple and open.

Trust, Evaluate, Express, Share.

These words capture the essence of the relationship I formed with the models and how I felt my way through the process.

This expo is special to me because it features the first images I ever captured at that North London Hotel room. In Suite 301 to be more precise. Thanks again to Mini Miu, Amy Latina, Chrissy Chroi, Jazz Jones and others for getting involved.

Thanks to everyone that made it down to the private viewing.  What a night!

My work will be on display at the Portobello Road branch of Sh! (on the corner of Lancaster road) until the end of April, then we move to the Hoxton branch for May.

Exclusive limted edition prints and such are available and more.

Get in touch with questions, for a chat about shoots, prints and anything else..


Sunday, 8 April 2012

Amber West

Having setup my own personal shoots and experimentation I wanted to extend it to members of our facebook group.

Initially I wanted to invite models I'd worked with before but circumstances (and a vibrant casting call) lead us to Amber West.

She was punctual, organised and easy to work with.

We arrived at a simple studio apartment in Kingscross. Self contained spot with no fuss.
Took loads of lingerie, implied nude and profile shots.

One of the togs on the day decided to play with the lighting and we all focused on her shoes for a minute.

What a great idea!

I never really understood the shoe fetish thing.. (still dont really), but for some reason I couldn't stop taking pictures of her feet in those shoes. The shadow from the heels, the endless shin.. the poise and presence.. did something.. not sure what it did.. but it did something..


Thursday, 16 February 2012

Sensual model shoot for our private facebook group

Thanks for all the fab entries in the group
and to those that have been able to make it to our previous sessions.

Only 9 slots available on this sensual shoot scheduled for March 18th.

Please check here for more details:


Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Valentines day every day..

Some say that love stuff should happen every day.
What if you're single and want more than the plutonic stuff you give to friends and family?

Then 'love yourself' they say..
Should that go without saying irrespective of who you lurve?

What is love anyway?

Bunch of biochemical reactions that manifest in physical stuff?
Dopamine and oxytocin giving us that love-junkie high or is it more?
Is it really that deep soul shaking inter-dimensional, inner being connection that only occurs when you've found 'the one'?

How was your valentines day? Was it just another day or is it every day..?
How long are you gonna wait for that special somebody?
Have you settled, are you gonna settle for second best or settle for nothing less than butterflies (as somebody once said..)

I spent mine making music.. yup, working but maybe the weekend will get a lil interesting..

Either way I reckon some more pictures and poetry are to flow soon as I attempt to answer some of those questions for myself.


Sunday, 1 January 2012

Suite Words - "Awoken"

Awoken - (c) 2012 Elroy 'Spoonface' Powell

We gently unfold into the reassuring arms of the scent of us
Warmed skin loosened and fragrant
as if a fully flowered summers day had filled the endless night of the room.

Eyes without eyes,
hearts blink and lungs flutter liquid hot breath.
Swallowed into the beyond, a still speechless moment of rampant silence is worn
by naked minds awoken.

Written by - Spoonface
Models - Spoonface & Princess Gurj
Picture taken by - Bionic Darky for