Thursday, 9 August 2012


Pauses in the flow of traffic gave me time to conjure ideas in my mind about how this afternoon would pan out.  We had met before after speaking online for a while and I honestly didn't have a clue how it would work.

I'd seen some images on a saucy website yet in person, fully clothed over a pot of mint tea taking about the day job, I wasn't getting it.  I tried to undress, and re-dress and find angles over and over for a while.  The traffic lights changed, the road cleared and I let it go.  No point in trying too hard, where's the fun in that!

Was a nice hotel for the price.  Parking easy to find and the surroundings much quieter than I expected.
Bella was in the room waiting.  A few knocks on the heavy set door and I was in greeted with sparkling water a smile and a kitch little space to explore with a blinding shower.

May seem a little morbid but the simplicity of her black dress tickled me and transformed her into a widower, lost and yearning the return of a spark that may have died inside.  I wanted to find and explore that spark which was exactly what we did.

Bella came alive in ways I hadn't been able to perceive and I left feeling I had only scratched the surface.

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